Commissions spreads, and financing charges continue to be hammered down, making trading on MetaTrader platforms increasingly cost-effective. At the same time, the platforms are incentivised to provide better additional services such as research and analysis resources to attract potential customers. It has similar functionality to MT4, but one big difference between the platforms is that MT5 is multi-asset.

So, if crypto trading is something you’ve always wanted to try, then Cryptowatch could be the perfect platform for you. Though, MetaTrader is supported by far more brokers than TradingView. So, if you already have a trading account and don’t want to open another one, it may be worth using MetaTrader instead. While backtesting is used by traders, it is also used by the signal creators too. MetaTrader 4 is completely free to use, whether you have a demo or live account.

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Trading financial products carries a high risk to your capital, particularly when engaging in leveraged transactions such as CFDs. It is important to note that between 74-89% of retail investors lose money when trading CFDs. These products may not be suitable for everyone, and it is crucial that you fully comprehend the risks involved.

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Given the radical changes the online brokerage sector has undergone in recent years, how can a platform first released in 2005 still dominate the market to such an extent. Information provided on this website is for guidance only and should not be deemed as financial advice. If in doubt, seek professional advice from an FCA regulated advisor. The value of your investment may fall as well as rise and you may get back less than your initial investment. You may also find that stocks are split into different asset classes, so you could try your hand at trading technology stocks. Or, if you are more knowledgeable about energy stocks, you could invest in these instead.

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Alongside this demo account, there is also a large social network for investors on TradingView. With this, you can communicate with other traders and copy their investments. Above mentioned are some of the best alternatives for MetaTrader 4. If you want to switch to other platforms, you can consider any of them. They have a wide range of robust trading tools and functional investment products. Additionally, you can use different layouts, which adds up to the customizability of the software.

MT5 is reportedly faster and more efficient than MT4, but MT4 is simpler to understand and is familiar for many users. It’s worth keeping in mind that forex is typically considered a complex financial instrument, and if you don’t know what you’re doing, you could end up losing money rapidly. If you try forex trading, you will see that currencies are usually paired up.


Our Desktop PCs run Windows 11, and we use MacBook Pro laptops running macOS 12.5 to test MetaTrader on the go. To determine the best MetaTrader 4 brokers for 2023, we researched and tested each individual broker’s MetaTrader offering. MetaQuotes Software does not release any figures that reveal the number of brokers that use MT4. That being said, our research found that there are at least 3,006 (counted on mobile) MetaTrader 4 (MT4) servers, and an even larger number of MetaTrader 5 (MT5) servers globally.

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The financial products offered by the promoted companies carry a high level of risk and can result in the loss of all your funds. Although both offer various indicators and features, TradingView provides many indicators and functionality. Users have the option to fund and withdraw money from their accounts. The platform offers exceptional tools for complete price estimation (technical and fundamental). You can also use automatic trading techniques (trading robots) and copy trading (trading signals). In order to assess the best brokers for traders looking to use the MetaTrader platform, we research and test each individual broker’s MetaTrader offering.

Benefits you will gain with trading on MetaTrader 4 – Vanguard

Benefits you will gain with trading on MetaTrader 4.

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Voted Most Innovative Tech 2021 by TradingView and best Mobile Platform/App 2022 by Investment Trends, is a leading platform in trading technology. It gives traders access to 3,000+ global markets and it has received top ratings for Value for Money. Although MT5 is the best-suited trading platform for forex and CFD trading, you might want to explore more platforms. After all, sticking to one trading platform can get boring and limit your profit-earning potential.

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